Welcome to Family Law Pathways Network Northern Rivers.

The Northern Rivers Family Law Pathways Network (NRFLPN) is part of the national Family Law Pathways Network initiative established by the Australian Government Attorney General Department. NRFLPN aims to strengthen regional legal and community interface and to support service providers to achieve the best possible outcomes for separating families and children.

NRFLPN objectives include:

  • Support continuous improvement in collaboration and referral practices between diverse organisations that provide services for adults and children experiencing separation and divorce issues.
  • Facilitate a more connected and coordinated family law system that minimises conflict and supports outcomes that are in the best interests of children.
  • Promote a shared understanding of the range of services available, interdisciplinary practices and knowledge within the sector.
  • Engage, equip and support frontline workers with training and peer support opportunities
  • Address the gap in access to family law and other support services for Aboriginal communities.